What does a copywriter do?
Put simply, copywriters such as myself write clear, concise and compelling language devised to attract buyers, entice customers and win over clients. Whether you’re selling physical goods, digital assets or business services, copywriting is what sets the tone for your company, brand or agency.

What inspired you to pursue a career in writing?
A self-described wordsmith with a penchant for poetry and a strong command of the English language, I’ve always found myself coming up with catchy wordings that wow. Having studied creative writing in college, I enjoy crafting snappy slogans, captivating stories and sales copy that resonates.

How do you optimize your copy for SEO?
Every situation and circumstance can vary, so there is no exact ‘set-in-stone’ method I use to perform keyword research. Equipped with an extensive catalog of all the best SEO tools, I pull keyword lists, analyze data and make professional judgements based on my years of experience.

What are the most important elements of good copy?
Copy arranged to drive sales should by clear, concise, credible, memorable and powerfully evocative. The best marketing copy speaks to the specific customer persona being targeted, provides convincing value and prompts action.