Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

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The British TV phenomenon known as Doctor Who is one of my absolute favorite shows because it always dares you to have an imagination and explore the unknown. Today marks 50 years since the original air date for the show back in 1963 and BBC is celebrating by airing a 50th anniversary special called “The Day of the Doctor” simultaneously across at least 76 countries throughout the world. The tenth and eleventh doctors played by David Tennant and Matt Smith are to appear in the special along with Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler. There are rumors that other actors who have played the doctor throughout the years my appear in the special but that is all speculation as of yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, and I of course have to mention how awesome it is that the Google doodle has a Doctor Who theme today set up as a little game between the doctor of your choice and a dalek. Love it! In celebration of today’s special and how much I love the show, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite things any avid Doctor Who fan should own, feel free to check them out!

Dr. Who Monopoly 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Dr. Who Monopoly 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Go on a journey through time and space along with your friends while you play this Doctor Who themed Monopoly board game!

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Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver The doctor always carries his sonic screwdriver and now you can have one too! This sonic screwdriver is a replica of the tenth doctor's and included a UV light and pen to reveal secret writing.

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Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years

Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years The full and official story of Doctor Who, from the show's first pre-production memos in 1963 to behind-the-scenes material from the latest season, including interviews with key cast and crew members as well as scores of prop photos, design sketches, and other collectible memorabilia.

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Doctor Who Tardis Travel Mug

Doctor Who Tardis Travel Mug This travel mug designed as the Tardis makes the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan who is always on the go!

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